Happy New Year!

On behalf of all the staff at Paradise Valley, we would like to wish you and yours a Happy New Year!!  2017 was a tough year for many of you, and 2018 will present new challenges to others. Let's each look forward to the adventures that the upcoming year will bring, and be open to all possibilities.

New Winter Hours 

Our Winter hours will be in effect for January and February, but we will be open from 8am - 8pm again every day again beginning March 5th.  Only 2 months away and we hope to be busy prepping for a new golf season. In the meantime, please visit the Clubhouse for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner:

Wednesdsay thru Sunday
9:00am-2:00pm and 5:00pm -8:00pm

We are open for Meetings, Private Functions, and Corporate Events every day, year around. Call or email Kim at 403-526-3330 ext. 3, kimbronson@paradisevalleypar3.com.


Valentine's Day

We are just finalizing the details for our Gourmet Valentine's Dinner on February 14th.  Once we have our menu ready we will post it on the website, social media, and send a quick news bulletin. If you have not attended our dinner events in the past, you really are missing out!  Our culinary team, lead by Chef Stephanie Saucier, consistently exceeds expectations when creating custom gourmet menus, and our serving staff is well known for going above and beyond! 


Trip Advisor

We would like to thank you, our customers, for helping us rank consistently as one of the Top 10 Restaurants in Medicine Hat!!  We are currently ranked #5, and are proud to be included amongst such a fine group.


Advertising Opportunities

We are in the process up renewing our on-course advertising contracts, and still have a few spots available for some new faces!!  Tee box welcome signs, bridge signs, range balls, driving range welcome signs, etc. are all great ways to get your name in front of 50,000 golfers each year!  Or consider sponsoring one of our function areas with special signage and exclusive recognition. Email dawn@paradisevalleypar3.com for details and pricing.  



Our 2018 season passes are now available.  As they are limited in number, and do sell out each year, don't wait too long before grabbing yours! Ask for Kim at the clubhouse or call / email her at  403-526-3330 ext.3,  kimbronson@paradisevalleypar3.com.

Gift Cards - Our gift cards are always popular and can be used for golf, merchandise, or in the Clubhouse restaurant year round.

Punchcards - Punchcards are good for 12 rounds of golf for the price of about 10.  These are an excellent choice to help get you out on the course a bit faster each time you play!


Old Men & Dogs

This article isn’t really about old men and dogs, but for some reason as I started typing I really liked the sound of that title. And it’s not really about old men either, since “old” is a relative term, and can mean something different for each of us. But for the sake of the article, lets go with men in their eighties, give or take a few years, whether they are dog lovers or not.

When we became part of the Paradise Valley community ten years ago, we were immediately welcomed and supported by a group of men who were daily fixtures at the course.  They were - and still are today - known as "The Valley Boyz" (the z is an important part of their identity), and have been meeting regularly since the course originally opened. In fact, there is a small coil notebook - the type that fits into a shirt pocket - that lists the opening day for Paradise Valley every single year.  And the Valley Boyz were there for it each time.  Some of the original group have dropped off, new ones have joined, and a few of the originals still remain.
One of the things that has always intrigued me about this group, as with many who are in the later phases of their lives, is that they each had an entire lifetime of experiences before we ever met.  The past ten years has been but a drop in the bucket for each of them, following long and varied careers, love found and lost, families, friends, travels, and stories that we would never have enough time to hear.

I knew the day would come when we would have to say goodbye to these men, one at a time, and have dreaded it for years as we all watch time slowly tick by. Several of them have been in and out of the hospital and have given us scares from time to time. I still remember the day we called the ambulance for Ches, as we thought he was having a heart attack on the front lawn. It ended up being dehydration and he was back golfing a few days later, but it was enough to send half the staff and customers alike into a frenzy. 

And then there was the rumour several years ago which flew through the parking lot and across the golf course like a prairie wildfire, saying that Shorty had passed. A few quick phone calls and that one was squashed. Shorty wasn’t really part of the Valley Boys group, and yet he was part of what enticed them to the Valley more than 30 years ago.  He was a ring leader of sorts, encouraging and supporting and witnessing their lives from the sidelines. And he really did love his dogs!

I am writing this in circles it seems, as it is difficult to actually get to my point.  Over just the past few months we have lost Ches.  And Shorty.  And Chris.  We have lost many of them now, and other customers over the years as well, all so dear to us and who remind us daily that Paradise Valley is so much more than a golf course.  As new generations of golfers join us, our community evolves, new groups of friends are formed, new traditions are born. 

But for now I want to recognize the Valley Boyz - all of them.  To thank them for being a part of Paradise and a part of our lives personally. To thank them for making an impact on our family, on our staff, and on our community by sharing a little of themselves with each of us.  We love you all dearly.  To those who are no longer with us, may you rest in peace.   

In no specific order:  Frank, Ken, Ches, Pat, Spyrous, Jim, Chris, Bob, Gordon, Kent, Ron, Donald, Larry, Bill, Ernie, Otto .

And of course, Shorty.  God Bless.



Live Music Performances


Friday Evenings


Jan. 12 – Connie Jean & Doug
Jan. 19 – Ray-Al Hochman
Jan. 26 – Caroline Grieve
Feb. 2   – TBA
Feb. 9   – Connie Jean & Doug
Feb. 16 – TBA
Feb. 23 – Jaqueline Walker & Trent Roset