I feel like we are all in a giant snow globe, turned upside down, shaken, and now waiting for things to slowly settle. While we can't ignore the global chaos that surrounds us this summer, we are determined to create a safe environment for our customers to get outside and enjoy some sunshine, exercise and fresh air. 

As restrictions and regulations are changing each week, we are working closely with the Alberta government, health authorities, and the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce to ensure we are following protocols. Due to the increased staff required and at the same time reduced capacity on the golf course and in the restaurant, we have increased prices just slightly. We pride ourselves on offering fun, affordable golf for everyone, but do need to make adjustments so we can put safety of our customers and staff first.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.



Paradise Valley has always been a "walk-on only" course, so you could pop down any time and be next in line to tee-off. Covid-19 has forced us to start booking tee times, which has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. It's certainly nice to know before you leave home that you have a tee time reserved, but a bit frustrating if you can't decide at a moment's notice.

We can often squeeze you onto our tee-sheet, so please do call us at (403) 526-3330 x1 if you're thinking of popping down - often times we can still get you in right away. 

As we don't know how long the restrictions and guidelines will be in place, we are considering keeping this new model, but implementing an online booking system to make it easier. We will keep you posted once we have a decision. 


Now that guidelines are changing, we are once again booking golf tournaments, weddings, and special events. We still have some restrictions re: table spacing and food service, but with multiple event areas and lots of space to spread out, we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.  Please call Kim at (403) 526-3330 x3 to check availability and discuss details. 

We are also organizing a public golf event each month — details can be found on our Website or on Facebook @paradisevalleypar3.



When we purchased Paradise Valley in 2008, along with the inventory and equipment, came one “can’t do without” asset: Alvin Wirch.

Alvin was (and still is) your typical retired farmer, looking for something to keep him busy and, more importantly, something that would give his wife Ethel a bit of a break each day. With experience ranging from mechanical, welding, plumbing, electrical and more, he quickly became the resident “handy-man”. 

Alvin’s stories and sense of humour alone were reason to keep him on the team, but what really made Alvin special was the way he became part of the community and part of our family.  To Les and I, it was like having our Dad working with us – fixing equipment one minute and building cool projects in the shop with our kids the next (ask him about the bike ramp!). With all the time and energy Alvin put into working with our Juniors, as well as community projects like “Street Church” for the homeless in downtown Medicine Hat, he is an inspiration to all.

And while Alvin certainly did, and still does, make an impact on everyone at Paradise Valley, he couldn’t have done it without the support of Ethel. Not only has she shared her retired hubby with us for all these years, she too has made such an impact on us all. From teaching our staff how to crochet, to taking our boys golfing and out for ice cream whenever she could steal them away, we are all truly blessed for having them both in our lives.

Alvin and Ethel, on behalf of Dawn and Les, Kim and Steve, our families, customers, and all the staff at Paradise Valley over the past 13 years, a huge Thank You.




by Alex Postnikoff

Childhood is a time to grow and develop as human beings. We are constantly learning new things, creating new memories, and sharing those memories with friends along the way. Some of us even create an imaginary friend when we’re young, conjuring up the perfect companion to tell the funniest jokes, teach us the coolest new things, or support our crazy ideas.

As cool as it would have been for me to fight imaginary creatures and go on imaginary quests with my imaginary friend, I never had to resort to those types of adventures. Instead of an imaginary friend, I had Alvin.

Instead of slaying dragons, I became the dragon—learning to breath my own fire when Alvin taught me how to weld. And rather than pretend to fly across open fields on the back of a mighty steed, I got to stand in the back of Alvin's golf cart and duck for cover when a golf ball veered towards us. I could never share Dairy Queen with an imaginary friend the same way I could with Alvin, especially since he would be the one paying for it! From go-karts to dog food dispensers and everything in between, Alvin was the key to making all of these ideas become reality, and the school projects my brother and I turned in were show-stoppers to say the least!

As important as it is for a child to let their imagination run wild, the memories I have of my adventures with Alvin are ones that I simply could never have imagined. While we might share similar experiences growing up, I wish there was enough of Alvin to go around so we all could have shared him, too.

Thanks, Alvin, for being a truly unimaginable part of my childhood, and of my life in general.