Blogging in Paradise

March 11, 2017

Over the past few years I have been spending more time with paper and pen, or computer and keyboard as the case may be, writing newsletters, posts for my foodie websites, and miscellaneous notes for some future purpose yet to be determined. And still, writing a blog for Paradise Valley never really made the list. Which baffles me now, as it seems it would have been a logical first step.

I have worked in and around the online world for more than 30 years, with an IT background that began before IT was an acronym and long before there was an “offline” that you could turn on! I have worked with clients to develop websites and manage eCommerce businesses. I have designed and maintained websites & electronic newsletters for my own business. I even held the title of “webmaster” for a short period of time (don’t ask).

But Blogging??? That is a whole new world.

First off, why would I want to sit and share my thoughts or ideas with anyone aside from close friends and family? I am generally a private person (note that I said “private” not “quiet”),  and aside from my journal, my husband, and a few close friends, what I write is my own.

More importantly, why would anyone else want to sit and read this stuff? Assuming that I can find time to write a few paragraphs each week or two, who out there is not leading a busy life of their own? What type of person is going to take time out of their hectic schedules to see what is on my mind? And even for those of you who are sitting with your smart phones while waiting at the doctors office right now, there are so many other great things to read! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, newspapers, online magazines, and books just as a start! Why would anyone want to read a blog? Especially one of mine??!

Paradise Valley is a community, a village all its own within the city limits, where our staff are also our customers, our customers in turn are our friends, and all are loyal to the Valley, almost to a fault. This is not your typical golf course – and we are proud of that! The Clubhouse is much like the kitchen of a home. It is the heart of the valley, where family and friends meet to share meals, laughter, wine, music, and conversation.  Each person who comes through the door shares a bit of themselves in doing so. And with all that to work with, writing becomes easy. It’s really like writing about one’s children.

So please connect with me. Let me know what you would like to hear about and what you would like to see more of on the site. And I in return will do my best to write regularly and try to keep things interesting and fresh.