The Clubhouse Restaurant

The Clubhouse is NOW OPEN!! Thank you for supporting local businesses.

Weddings and Outdoor Events

Wedding Venue

We have often wondered about holding more weddings and outdoor events down in the Valley, but have resisted mostly because we don’t want to be responsible for anything that could go wrong on such an important day. Brides dream for years about their perfect wedding, organizing and stressing about every minor detail.  Grooms…… well I don’t want to generalize or promote any stereotypes so I’ll just leave them alone for now.

And in general, it just seems like so much work!  Rearrange the furniture, deal with table rentals, decorations, flowers, centrepieces, music, linens. Then there are the kids running around the backyard, doing somersaults on the practice green, throwing things in the creek, feeding our dog.  And golfers on the driving range, tossing their clubs as they slice the ball yet again.

But now as we plan for one of our own family weddings on-site, I can’t help but think of what a perfect location Paradise Valley is.  Seriously, a serene creekside location like none other.  Particularly in the summer months when everything is so green and lush, wild birds  are chirping, and the quintessential brook is indeed babbling! With our outdoor covered dining area, the private bar, and a new garden arbour to show off, how can we not offer up the venue for more than just golf tournaments?

And so we are! While in the past we have primarily reserved the outdoor areas for golf events, we are now making them available for general use. Cocktail receptions, family gatherings, and corporate functions are invited to reserve the space with no requirements for golf (although golf is always a fun addition). In addition, while we are proud of our culinary team and think they are some of the best in the city, we understand that there may be times when it makes sense to use a different caterer.  If we can make it work logistically, and it does not interfere with our business licensing (ie. bringing your own alcohol is not an option), then we are open to options.  We are also planning to add tent walls to the backyard area in order to extend the season and provide protection from the elements. Golf tournaments and barbeques in October are no longer out of the question!

If you are interested in booking one of our outdoor event areas, call Kim at 403-526-3330 ext. 3 to discuss options and availability.