The Clubhouse Restaurant

The Clubhouse is NOW OPEN!! Thank you for supporting local businesses.

Creating Opportunity

We recently drove through the Okanagan on our way to Vancouver Island, and couldn’t help but notice how the landscape of fruit stands has changed.  Not only are they advertising BC cherries and peaches, but you now find billboards which promise popcorn, milkshakes, cider, and samosas! U-pick farms are expanding to offer home baked pies and preserves, as well as fruit wines, pop-up cafes, cookbooks, and long table dinners in their greenhouses off-season! 

Whether fine tuning your business objectives, preparing your investment strategy, or looking at your personal income, multiple sources of revenue streams automatically become part of the process – or at least they should!  

At Paradise Valley, we are very fortunate to have a successful restaurant and event facility in addition to the golf course. Each year, our management team looks for new and innovative ways to add additional sources of revenue for both the golf and the food & beverage lines of business.  A late start to the season or a heat wave in July can affect golf revenue substantially, and being able to build other revenue streams becomes critical to our ongoing success. 

This year we will be renewing our tee-box advertising contracts, and by adding tent walls to our backyard event area, we are hoping to extend barbeque season into October. Weddings can be complicated and require a level of detail that not all golf courses can support, but we are excited to have a team that exceeds customer expectations in that area. We are thinking of organizing a monthly glow-golf event next year for the public, and will continue to think of creative ways to provide fun, affordable activities for our customers.

If you have suggestions or ideas to add to our portfolio, send me a note at  I would love to connect with you!