Beat the Heat - The recent heat is a bit much for some of us, but on the bright side, if "TWN" (The Weather Network) shows a temperature of 33 degrees online when you check in, green fees are half price!  

Monday Cheap Golf - While the course closes on Monday evenings at 4:30 to get ready for the Men's League shotgun start, you can golf as many holes as you can squeeze in between 4:30 and 6:00pm for only $7

Early Bird Ladies League on Wednesday mornings is all wrapped up for 2017.  Thank you all for another great Spring League, we look forward to seeing you out on the course this summer.

Ladies of Paradise runs April 19 - August 30
Wednesdays, 3:30-6:00pm starting times. End of season tournament August 26th, details to follow.
Fairway Finders Windup August 23, 5:30pm shotgun.
Perfect Putters Windup August 30, 5:30pm shotgun. 

Men's League runs April 24 - August 28
Mondays, 6:00pm shotgun. End of season wind-up August 28 @ 6:00pm.
Men's League Tournament July 29, 9:00am shotgun - 2 man alternate scramble. Register in Proshop. 


Openings for Golf Events & Glow Golf

We still have openings for golf tournaments and events.  If your company, friends, or family are interested in a fun event for everyone, call Kim at 403-526-3330 ext. 3 to book a function at Paradise Valley.  Ask about our new Cosmic Putting and Chipping options as an alternative to Night Golf.

We are also adding tent walls to the outdoor BBQ area to extend the season into October!  Don't let the fear of fall weather stop you!


Outdoor Event Venue

Medicine Hat has many amazing event venues to host corporate functions, private celebrations, and weddings, but very few scenic outdoor locations. While in the past we have reserved our outdoor areas for golf related activities, we now have a gorgeous garden arbour and have decided to make the backyard area available for non-golf functions, just as we do with the Clubhouse itself. If you are looking for a unique, scenic location for your next gathering, call Kim at 403-526-3330 ext. 3 to discuss options.



We have often wondered about holding more weddings and outdoor events down in the Valley, but have resisted mostly because we don’t want to be responsible for anything that could go wrong on such an important day. Brides dream for years about their perfect wedding, organizing and stressing about every minor detail.  Grooms…… well I don’t want to generalize or promote any stereotypes so I’ll just leave them alone for now. 

And in general, it just seems like so much work!  Rearrange the furniture, deal with table rentals, decorations, flowers, centrepieces, music, linens. Then there are the kids running around the backyard, doing somersaults on the practice green, throwing things in the creek, feeding our dog.  And golfers on the driving range, tossing their clubs as they slice the ball yet again.

But now as we plan for one of our own family weddings on-site, I can’t help but think of what a perfect location Paradise Valley is.  Seriously, a serene creekside location like none other.  Particularly in the summer months when everything is so green and lush, wild birds  are chirping, and the quintessential brook is indeed babbling! With our outdoor covered dining area, the private bar, and a new garden arbour to show off, how can we not offer up the venue for more than just golf tournaments?   

And so we are! While in the past we have primarily reserved the outdoor areas for golf events, we are now making them available for general use. Cocktail receptions, family gatherings, and corporate functions are invited to reserve the space with no requirements for golf (although golf is always a fun addition). In addition, while we are proud of our culinary team and think they are some of the best in the city, we understand that there may be times when it makes sense to use a different caterer.  If we can make it work logistically, and it does not interfere with our business licensing (ie. bringing your own alcohol is not an option), then we are open to options.  We are also planning to add tent walls to the backyard area in order to extend the season and provide protection from the elements. Golf tournaments and barbeques in October are no longer out of the question!

If you are interested in booking one of our outdoor event areas, call Kim at 403-526-3330 ext. 3 to discuss options and availability.


Live Music Performances


Friday Evenings, 6-9pm

July 14 - By Chance
July 21 - Rob Hudec
July 28 - Rick Lett
Aug. 4 - Tina Bannow
Aug. 11 - Connie Jean Johns
Aug. 18 - Christine Kurpjuweit
Aug. 25 - Tim & Jenna Herman


No. 11 at Bandon Preserve at Bandon Dunes Resort in Bandon, Ore.


There was a time when par-3 golf courses were viewed by some as “not real golf”, and were lumped with mini-golf and pitch ’n putt courses as an activity primarily targeting kids and families.  At one time, we at Paradise Valley even tried to de-emphasize the “par-3” stigma to a certain extent, wanting to build a reputation as a great place for golf in general.  While the lack of sand traps and the tee-box mats are still give-aways, our focus has always been on a well maintained track that provides “fun, affordable golf for everyone”.

In recent years, as larger courses struggle with declining memberships and tough economic times, we are encouraged to hear that par-3 golf is finally being seen throughout the industry as a great complement to the more traditional courses. Professionals around the world are joining us in embracing the shorter format course as acceptable if not encouraged. 

Scanning the internet, there are hundreds of articles claiming that “from coast to coast and for golfers rich and poor, par-3 courses are short on yardage but long on value. Whether it’s the attention of the par-3 contest at Augusta National during the Masters Tournament or special events at a local unsung course, par-3 courses are a valuable part of the industry. They help introduce the game to children, allow avid golfers to practice their short game or squeeze in a few holes, and raise money for environmental causes."

One such article, by Alan Walker, PGA Master Professional and Council Member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects, encourages traditional golf course owners to add a par-3 track to their property as an added service and revenue generator.  Following are a few of his key points - which of course we at Paradise Valley (staff and customers alike) have known for years now.

The Benefits of a Par-3 Golf Course

• A much less daunting proposition - we all know that golf is a difficult game to master and is a fairly long process from taking up the game to attaining reasonable proficiency. For raw beginners, the first hurdle is to actually make contact with the ball; and the second is taking their ball-hitting skills onto the golf course and attempting to actually play golf – a daunting proposition for many. A Par 3 golf course offers a much lower level of intensity and is therefore a ‘stepping stone’ towards a full-length course. The facts are that new golfers feel more ‘comfortable’ on a par 3 course.

• Less time to play – ‘golf takes too long to play’ has been the message from golfers and non-golfers at all levels for a few years. The 9-hole Par 3 course addresses that issue head-on. A Par 3 course can be played, in most cases, in less than an hour so it is not time consuming at all and can be played before or after work, at the weekend or holiday time as it does not take a large chunk of time out of the day. Clubs with Par 3 courses are able to promote this opportunity and attract an audience who may well use the other facilities on offer at your club before or after they play.

• Attracts juniors, ladies, seniors, families and friends - Par 3 courses can be enjoyed by many individual groups of golfers - juniors play with their parents or grandparents, a husband with wife and/or children, seniors who just want a ‘few holes’, groups of friends for some fun, and so on. For many, playing golf is a social occasion offering some mild exercise as well – a Par 3 golf course is perfect for those who are not necessarily looking for competitive play or club membership.

• A great ‘stepping stone’ for new golfers - the game needs new players as participation levels are still on the decline. Par 3 courses are a great first step for those new to golf and are a part of the progression from golf tuition as a beginner, to practicing in-between sessions, and then trying out your game on a Par 3 course. A similar concept to the shallow-end of a swimming pool when you have just learned to swim, the Par 3 course eases a player into the main course

• They are great fun and break down the ‘golf is an exclusive game’ attitude - Par 3 courses offer the opportunity  to tap into more markets than just those people wanting membership and are already experienced golfers. For many, Par 3 golf is their first introduction to the sport, and if you provide them with a positive experience, the long-term benefits for golf clubs are numerous.